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Starting with a professional consultation, Clients benefit from instruction and strategies on issues ranging from managing the bowel and digestive system to natural weight control. Armed with a newly filled quiver of nutritional and gastrointestinal knowledge, then put it into practice with a professionally administered colon hydrotherapy treatment.


Therapists ensure comfort throughout the procedure with a compassionate blend of abdominal massage. Using purified, natural water and Wood's Gravity Fed Equipment which is the most natural to the body, bodies are cleansed of their toxins creating a healthy and balanced environment where good bacteria can thrive.


Reviving and detoxifying the entire body, benefits of the treatment include relaxation of the abdominal muscles through the action of water temperature and massage; relief of pressure on areas such as the lower back, bladder and hips and strengthening of vital components of the digestive system.


The qualified, professional colonic hydrotherapists at the RiverView Wellness Center for WellBeing ensure each patient is reassured, feels comfortable and is at ease. They ensure dignity is completely maintained with adequate draping, so patrons can sit back, relax, and enjoy the cleansing process. With a strong emphasis on maintaining hygiene standards, providing safe, effective results.


  • Uses natural, purified water

  • Aims to increase energy and vitality

  • Highest hygiene standards

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