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Digestive System


Digestion is the process where food is ingested, broken down, dissolved and then absorbed from the digestive tract into the blood stream. The blood stream distributes these nutrients to cells in different parts of the body, where they can be utilised as fuel and building blocks for bone, muscle and tissue.


"Toxic Waste" is generated from cellular activity and metabolism which creates "Metabolites." This isn’t just "Burn’t Fuel" this is Toxic. As part of the process of growth & maintenance the cells in the body "Die" and the waste generated becomes toxic. Toxins are also often embedded in the Foods we eat. All of this Toxic Waste is downloaded into the Blood and Lymphatic Systems, then transported to the Bowel, for evacuation from the Body. If this waste is NOT removed it will be stored as "Weight" and "Long Term Disease."


The Cells lining the Digestive Tract secrete a Mucus Lining to help "Protect and Lubricate" the Digestive Tract. Mucus "Eases the Passage" of food and waste through this tract as it travels through the Body.


The Liver & Gall Bladder are two major organs that interact with the Digestive System. The Gall Bladder secretes Bile into the Duodenum, this helps to break down & emulsify any fats that we have ingested.


The Pancreas is located just downstream from the Gall Bladder, it secretes "Digestive Enzymes" into the Duodenum, this further "Aids the Breakdown & Digestion of Food." As we grow older, the ability to manufacture Digestive Enzymes diminishes. Digestive Enzymes help to Support & Rejuvenate the Digestive System and are available at the Colonic Health Centre.

When food is swallowed, it Normally takes 10 to 24 Hours to travel through the whole the Digestive Tract. 10 Hours is OPTIMAL! (Dr Bernard Jensen). The end product of digestion is Toxic Waste. "Transit Time" is the time it takes for Food & Toxic Waste to pass through the Digestive System. If the Food & Toxic Waste gets "Delayed" or "Takes too Long," then it will Stagnate and Putrefy which then it creates Gas, Stench, and an ideal environment for Bad bacteria to thrive in.


The Small Intestine is approximately 26 feet in Length and it is in this section of the Digestive Tract where food gets absorbed 1st into the Blood Stream then it is distributed to the tissues in the body.


The Large Intestine


Is where burn’t Metabolites, Dead Cells and Toxic Waste are "Temporarily Stored" prior to evacuation from the body. The Large Intestine is also known as the Colon or Bowel and is the "Main" or "Primary" Pathway" for elimination of Toxins anf Waste from the body. The Skin, Kidneys, Liver, Lungs & Lymphatic System are "Secondary Pathways for elimination and detoxification of the body.


The Large Intestine is approximately 2 Metres or 6 Feet in Length and it is the Final Section of the Digestive Tract. When the body becomes Dehydrated, Water gets Reabsorbed or Scavenged from the remnants of Digested Food and Toxic Waste that is stored in the Large Intestine or Bowel. The Blood and Lymphatic Circulation draws water back from the Bowel through the Bowel Walls. The volume of water drawn back into the Blood & Lymphatic Systems or the Degree of Re-Hydration is dependent on the Degree of Dehydration in the body. As Water is drawn out of the Bowl, the "Remaining Waste" dries up and becomes more "Solid, Impacted & Hard," this can cause "Constipation."


As Water gets drawn out of the Bowel, "Toxins are Reabsorbed" from the "Toxic Waste Matter" in the Bowel. Dr. Bernard Jensen calls this process "Autointoxication" or "Self Poisoning."


The time it takes for Waste to travel through the Bowel is also called the Transition Times and it can vary from anywhere between:


  1. 3 to 12 Hours for the "Average" Person

  2. 3 to 5 Days for a "Constipated" Person

  3. 5 to 15+ Days "Severely Constipated" Person


The Transition Time can also be dependent on the "Strength & Tone" of the "Bowel Muscles." Dr Bernard Jensen said "The Optimal Transition Time" from Eating Food to Evacuation is 10 Hours.


Transition Time is often dependent on the "Degree of Hardness" or "Impaction" of the Toxic Waste.


When the Remnants of Digested Food and Toxic Waste is emptied from the Small Intestine it enters the first segment of the Large Intestine, which is the called the "Cecum." The "Appendix" is attached to the base of the Cecum.


The Large Intestine is lined with tissue & glands that secrete mucus to lubricate ease and smooth the flow of Digested Food & Toxic Waste or Stool through the bowel.


Longitudinal and Circular Muscles embedded in the Walls of the Bowel / Large Intestine generate Wave-like Muscular Contractions, this process is called Peristalsis. This action forces Digested Food & Toxic Waste up the Cecum via the "Ascending Colon." The Ascending Colon is located on the "Right Hand Side" of the Abdomen.


The Digested Food & Toxic Waste then travels horizontally across the abdomen via the "Transverse Colon." It then heads Down the Left Side of the Abdomen via the "Descending Colon," entering the "Sigmoid Colon," then finally ending up in the "Rectum." The Rectum is the final resting place for Toxic Waste prior to removal from the body via the Anus. Waste is often stored throughout the Large Intestine.



Alongside this text is a Model of the DISEASED Colon / Large Intestine.


The Large Intestine is colonised by BOTH Good & Bad Bacteria. 30% of the Solid Waste in the Bowel is bacteria. Lactobacillus Acidophilus is Good Bacteria. A Win-Win Relationship co-exists between Good Bacteria and the Human Body. Good Bacteria aids the Digestive Process by breaking down Cellulose along with other foods that we eat. Lactobacillus Acidophilus also manufactures Vitamin B & Vitamin K. We reciprocate by supplying Nutrients to the Good Bacteria.


If Bowel Movements become Irregular or Slowed in any way, evacuation of the Toxic Waste becomes incomplete, delayed or totally obstructed. If this occurs, Waste Builds Up becomes more Toxic, as it Ferments and Putrefies in the Colon. The Waste then stagnates and dehydrates which then leads to "Constipation." Negative Bacteria thrive in this environment, leading to Weakening of the Bowel, further Impairing Bowel Function, leading to a Reduction in Well Being. Probiotics or Good Bacteria are recommended to be taken after a Colonic Session; these are available at the Colonic Health Centre.



The main function of the Bowel is to "Process & Store" Toxic Waste Material, "TEMPORARILY," prior to evacuation from the body. The Colon also functions to Re-absorb Electrolytes, Vitamins & Water from the Waste back into the body, should these components be deficient in the body.


Throughout our lifetime we have subjected our bodies to many Toxic Pollutants created by our modern civilization. Toxins get ingested from the "Processed Foods We Eat," from the "Water We Drink" and from the "Air We Breathe." On top of this, we all live a "Fast Past, Highly Stressed Lifestyle," so it’s no wonder that the Mind, Body, Digestive System and Detox Organs get Exhausted & Overburdened!


A lack of Water Intake, Exercise, Sleep, add to this an Inefficient Colon, a High Intake of Highly Refined, Low Fibre, Junk Foods and it all contributes to sabotaging our Psychological Health & Digestive Balance. A "Poorly Maintained" & "Poorly Functioning" Bowel & Digestive System have a "NEGATIVE DOMINO" or "KNOCK ON EFFECT" on unbalancing the Health & Wellbeing of One’s Body, Mind & Spirit. An Unhealthy Digestive System is "THE KEY" to ill Health, Lack of Wellbeing, FEELING LOUSY; and an "UN-NATURAL LOW!"


A Well Maintained & Well Functioning Bowel & Digestive System has a "POSITIVE DOMINO or KNOCK ON EFFECT" in terms of Balancing the Health & Wellbeing of One’s Body, Mind & Spirit. "A Healthy Digestive System is "THE KEY" to attaining GOOD FEELINGS. It’s a "NATURAL HIGH!"


Emotions & Digestion

Stress can lead to a Sluggish Bowel


Mr. Alexis St. Martin, a 19 year old fur trapper survived a shot gun blast at close range. This left a permanent open hole in his stomach. Dr William Beaumont took this opportunity to study & experiment with his Digestive System. He discovered many facts about Gastric Physiology. His main discovery was the relationship between Emotions & Digestion. He observed that when Alexis was STRESSED, "Little or No Digestion" occurred because the Sympathetic Nerves "Inhibited" the Digestive Organs.


Symptoms of a Sluggish, Toxic & Ineffective Bowel Elimination System


  • Abdominal Pain

  • Acid Reflux & Indigestion

  • Aching Muscles & Joints

  • Allergies including Hay Fever

  • Asthma or Breathing Difficulties

  • Bad Breath

  • Bloating & Gas

  • Burning & Itching Anus

  • Constipation & Diarrhea

  • Colon Cancers & Other Cancers

  • Extreme Stress, Headaches, Migraines, Mood Swings & Depression

  • Frequent Infections & Parasitic Infestations & Weakened Immunity

  • Hemorrhoids

  • Intestinal Toxemia

  • Lower Backache & Back Pain

  • Menstrual Problems

  • Nausea & Vomiting

  • Skin Problems

  • Sleeping Difficulties

  • Weakness & Fatigue

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