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How The Health Of Our Colon Affects Our Total Health


The Colon is a tube approximately five feet long and 2 1/2 inches in diameter [The Colon - large intestine - is the last section of the human gastrointestinal tract beginning at the end of the small intestine and ending at the rectum —Ed].


The three main functions of the colon are:

Final digestion of our food

The elimination of digestive residue

The discharge of toxins and wastes from our body.


We experience better health and well-being when the colon is clean and functioning normally. When the colon is congested with stagnant wastes, poisons back up into our system and pollutes the inner environment. This is called auto-intoxication which literally means “self-poisioning.” All the body’s tissues are affected by the auto-intoxication. There are many contributing factors to auto-intoxication from a toxic bowel.


Improper diet, insufficient exercise, stress, overeating, and ignoring the “call of nature” can all lead to bowel problems. Most of us for instance, have had years of poor to average nutritional food. Much of our food is subjected to processing which includes refining, frying and over cooking, saturating the mineral elements of our food with oil or grease. As a result of this food altering, the digestive organs cannot process the minerals efficiently and they are passed out of the small intestine into the colon as waste.


The consumption of mucous producing foods such as meat, dairy, and processed flour, cause dense sticky bowel movements. Excess mucous in our system is a sign of trouble. Mucosic stools are difficult for the body to eliminate. When they are expelled, they leave a glue-like coating on the wall of the colon which accumulates layer by layer into a hard rubbery crust.


The body cannot eliminate these hardened layers on it’s own. They are often carried for the duration of the persons life as a toxic burden. Incompletely digested food ferments and putrefies when remaining in the colon longer than a day. When this fermented waste combines with the body’s own bile acids from the liver, carcinogens can form. We already know carcinogens can ultimately develop into colon or rectal cancers.


Enhancing the colon’s ability to expedite the elimination of waste reduces the risks of developing colon-rectal cancer. Constipation is one of the first signs indicating to us that the bowel is not functioning properly. When a person is constipated, the walls of the colon are often encrusted with fecal matter. The inner diameter of the colon is reduced like a water pipe blocked by mineral deposits, and eventually the opening becomes narrower and narrower making it more difficult to pass waste through.


Since the encrusted feces line the colon wall, the colon is unable to absorb nutrients from our food in the last phase of digestion.

Wastes from the blood stream which should be normally drawn into the colon through the colon walls are re-absorbed by the body along with other toxins resulting from the fermentation and putrefaction of incompletely digested food.


Subsequently, intestinal statis often follows which occurs when the muscular contractions known as peristalsis can no longer sweep the hardened feces along the digestive canal. A person can even have several bowel movements a day and be constipated.


The movements are usually smaller and occur more often because the inner diameter of the colon is smaller than it should be. The body reacts to this constricted bowel by stepping up the frequency of the peristaltic wave action to allow the waste to exit the body. Taken to its limit, the effect can be diarrhea, which is when the body moves out the waste so fast, the bowel doesn’t have time to remove the water and consolidate the waste into stool.


These types of problems are why thousands of people each year choose colonic irrigation as a safe way to improve and maintain good health.


What Is A colonic Irrigation?

A colonic irrigation using the Wood Gravitational System, is an internal bath that helps cleanse the colon of poisons, gas, and accumulated fecal matter. Unlike an enema, it does not require the retention of water. There is no discomfort, no internal pressure, just a steady gentle flow in and out of the colon. At the same time, an abdominal, massage is given to stimulate the colon to recover it’s natural shape, tone and peristaltic a wave action.


How Is A Colonic Administered?

A person receiving a colonic lies on table 18″ below the temperature-controlled input tank. A sterile speculum in gently inserted into the rectum. Water flow, which is always under the direct control of the therapist, flows into the colon via a small water tube and out the evacuation tube carrying with it impacted feces and mucous. As the water flows out of the colon, the practitioner gently massages the abdomen to help the colon release it’s contents. It is possible to see this expelled waste matter when it passes through the evacuation tube. The person is well covered and their modesty is given top priority during the procedure.


How Many Colonics Do I Need?

The number of treatments will always vary with the individual and his/her condition. Often the waste is so hard and well lodged in the colon that it may take a series of colonics to sufficiently soften and loosen this accumulated fecal material. Some people may not have startling results for the first few treatments. This is why a series is neccesary and advisable. Experience has shown positive changes at the third and fourth colonic.


Colonic Irrigation is most effective when employed in combination with exercise and proper diet of non-mucous producing foods. Fresh fruits, vegetables and certain herbs are suggested to help loosen as dissolve accumulated fecal matter. Adequate water intake is also advised.


The suggested series would be two colonics per week for eight (8) weeks. Once the colon is clean, it is advisable to have a colonic before, during and after a “fast” to hasten the removal of toxic waste and it would also be beneficial during “flu season” to help boost the immune system.


What Are The Benefits of Colonic Irrigation?

Colonics offer relief from a variety of disturbances by cleansing the colon of impacted and putrefactive fecal matter. Fatigue, gas, headaches, irritability, skin problems, cold hands and feet, lethargy are among the problems people have found relieved by colon cleansing.


Constipation, of course, is another as is chronic diarrhea. Your sense of well-being is often dramatically improved with colon irrigations. You feel lighter, more energetic. The body can again assimilate food in the colon and better defend itself against disease. Natural peristalsis, tone and regularity are restored and many serious diseases may be averted through this gentle, sterile, scientific technique.


Colonics are a key factor in the restoration of the body’s natural balance or what we call good health.


Are There Side Effects to Colonics?

There are none. It is not uncommon however, for some people to experience flu symptoms, such as headaches. Toxins which have been lying dormant in the colon are now being flushed out and a small amount may be reabsorbed into the body’s system. This healing crisis passes quickly and the person realizes a feeling of well-being with further treatments.


Will Colonics Damage the Normal Intestinal Flora?

No. One of the functions of the first half of the colon is to gather intestinal flora needed for the colon. When the accumulation of feces in the bowel leads to fecal encrustation, it is difficult for the colon to function normally and the glands in this lining cannot produce the necessary intestinal flora.


The resulting lack of lubrication, intensifies a state of constipation and generates toxemia. This upsets the normal acid-alkaline balance and the growth of the friendly bacteria is stunted. Cleansing the colon will help bring the acid-alkaline ratio back into balance. In this environment, the friendly bacteria will again thrive and disease causing bacteria will find it difficult to develop.


NOTE: If you are a health care provider interested in learning about adding Colon Hydrotherapy to your practice, please contact:

Helen M. Wood

Wood Hygienic Institute, Inc.

2220 N.W. Irlo Bronson Memorial

Kissimmee, FL 34744

(407) 933-0009


Author Profile: Helen M. Wood is the Colonic Chairperson for the State of Florida and founder of the Professional School of Massage & Colonic Hygiene.

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