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Colon Hydrotherapy Treatment Plan


What Colon Hydrotherapy Involves

Colon Hydrotherapy is a “Natural” Health Treatment” designed to cleanse, detoxify and strengthen both the Large Intestine as well as the Whole Body.

The aim of Colonics is to introduce warm, purified, carbon and UV light filtered water into the colon, in order to soften, loosen and dissolve away any impacted Toxic Waste.

By “Gently & Continuously Flooding or Irrigating the Bowel” the impacted Toxic Waste will be dissolved and this can then be easily evacuated from the body through “Natural Bowel Muscle Contractions” this process is called “Peristalsis.” This continuous action of exercising bowel Muscles throughout a Colonic Session helps to Strengthen & Restore” the bowel muscles, further promoting “Better Bowel Function” and “Toilet Regularity.”


Treatment Plan

Medical Questionnaire

Prior to your treatment you must complete a full medical questionnaire so that we can check in advance if you have any contraindications (anything that would deem you unsuitable for the treatment).

The medical questionnaire also helps to give your consultant a comprehensive understanding of your medical history and your lifestyle. This then helps us to understand why you are seeking the treatment and what you are trying to achieve. After all we do not just want to give you the treatment and send you on your way we want to help you to achieve your objectives and get the most out of your treatment.



The consultation is used to empower you with some knowledge to ensure you get the best out of your treatment and help you in the best way possible to achieve your objectives from having the Colon Hydrotherapy Treatment.


Colon Hydrotherapy Treatment

We allocate you 1 hour for the treatment which lasts typically around 40 minutes. See the Equipment section to read more about the specifics of what happens during your treatment.


Post Treatment Plans, Nutritional & Dietary Advice

As soon as you finish your treatment, we will discuss a specific treatment plan to help meet your needs. This may include further treatments and or a dietary consultation.


After-care support from your therapist

At any time you can email, call us or drop in and ask to speak to your therapist. If you have any nagging concerns, doubts or questions. We are always here to help. Although we may not be on call on immediately we will always seek to contact you back within the quickest time possible



​Treatment Details & Pricing​


​Colonic Irrigation 
Commonly referred to as either colon hydrotherapy or colonic irrigation, each private session is scheduled for one hour in length to include preparation and discussion time. All colonics are professionally administered by a licensed certified colon hydrotherapist.


  • Our colon hydrotherapy process is designed to allow clients maximum relaxation in a confidential setting


  • Colonics have been reported beneficial for certain specific conditions and for general health and internal wellness.


  • Please visit our Question and Answer section for more information or contact us directly. 


Recommended Series: 3-15 sessions


             # of sessions will depend on your individual goals.

             Generally, the more you cleanse, the deeper detox you achieve.


        Example Cleansing Schedule: 

        Week One: 3 colonics     Week Two: 2 colonics     Week Three: 2 colonic   Week Four: 1 colonic      Week Five: 1 coloni       Week Six:  1 colonic 


         If continuing past a series of 10 (for chronic issues such as allergies, chronic fatigue, immune issues etc.), add one colonic per week



              Maintenance: One session every 4-8 wks to maintai onngoing digestive balance and detox benefits 


          *The above is simply a guideline. There is no committment. 

            We will be happy to accommodate any cleansing and detox schedule that you desire.





A Word About Colonics 
Feelings of improved well-being after one colonic are typical. However, a series of several colonics can cleanse areas deeper within the colon and provide longer lasting effects. The benefits of internal cleansing and extracting toxins from the body (detoxification) after a series of colonic visits have been noted by professionals, such as Dr. Norman Walker, Bernard Jensen, and many others. A series of 5 to 10 sessions is recommended for general detoxification and 10 to 15 for a deeper, more enhanced cleansing process. For your convenience, colon hydrotherapy session prices are reduced when purchased in package discounted bundles. 





$125 for First visit Allow 90 minutes. Includes professional colonic session plus Q&A consultation)


$100~ Follow-up visit - Allow 60 minutes

Pre Paid Package of 10  for $800

Pre Paid Package of 15  for $1125

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