Osmosis "Pro At Home Facial Kit" Video Tutorials

If you are here, then thank you for purchasing "The Pro At Home Facial Kit".

We hope you find the tutorial useful and that you are as excited about Osmosis as I am.


Just reminder that you have enough product for two facials.


You can start and stop each video as needed.  

And please reach out if you need any extra help or have questions concerning your skin.


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 I hope you end up loving Osmosis as much as I do



                                        Carolla Dost

#1 - The Intro
#1 Setup
#2 - Cleanse
# 2 - Cleanse
#3 - Prep
#3 Prep
Your Video Title
#4 - Treat
#4 Treat
#5 - Mask
#5 Mask
#6 - Serums, Moisturize & Protection
#6 Serums, Etc


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