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My Story and why I switch to Osmosis                           by Carolla

I became an aesthetician by accident or rather unintentionally.

I had been operating a small wellness center and as a practitioner I offered Nutritional Counseling, Feldenkrais Functional Integration, Sound Therapy sessions and Reiki. These modalities are not generally high on the list of services that people think about unless they are in trouble or in pain.

Beautiful skin seemed to be of a greater concern than health issues.

I decided I would hire an esthetician to do facials for me in the hopes of bringing in more business and possibly using skincare to introduce clients to the other healing modalities that I was offering.

As a potential employer, I have always felt, that I should have a working knowledge of whatever my staff is doing. I decided that by getting my license I would be better prepared to evaluate and guide their work.

What I didn’t realize, and only discovered as I studied skincare was that holding someone’s face in your hand was a very intimate experience indeed. It came as quite a surprise!

If the dog puts his head in your hands he is saying that he trusts you. It is the most vulnerable of all positions to be in and requires great trust. Which could explain why some people are uncomfortable and don't want or enjoy having a facial.

Trust is an important and tender aspect of all relationships because it requires us to choose to be vulnerable and courageous. I honor that trust and found that I really loved the energy and the healing aspect of the work because of it.

When I added skincare to my practice I initially found it challenging to find qualified esthetician’s that had the level of dedication and attention to clients that I expected them to have. So as a result I often found myself happily working alone.

Being older than most of the students in my class,  I became friends with my teacher who had well over 30 years of teaching experience in the skincare field. With her world of knowledge, guidance and direction she saved me five years of struggle in learning about the ins and outs of skincare industry.

Over the years my experience probably put me a step below a dermatologist in terms of knowledge in working with Lasers, Acids, HydraFacial, Diamond Dermabrasion, Micro- Dermabrasion, Micro-Needling, Lymphatic Drainage, etc.

Since I worked in skincare it was only natural that I tried everything on myself. And yes there was an improvement in my skin, no doubt.
However, being older I was looking for results that someone younger might not yet be looking for.

By the time women go into or through menopause, prior to ages 50-55, they don’t realize that their skin, is still  pretty good and doesn’t necessarily need a lot unless they have serious skin issues or underlying medical problems. It requires consistency and patience. 

After 55 things do start to change fairly rapidly for most in-spite of good health, then internal health and balance becomes even more important.

I did everything, that was considered industry standard at that time with the exception of surgery or fillers. I was my own best client. So I was a little disappointed that my skin wasn't improving on par with all the effort I was putting into it. 


While in school, I remember being told not to continually do some of the aggressive procedures we were taught. I learned that the skin can get overworked. It gets tired and will eventually not rejuvenate itself. So I guess you could say, its lying down on the job!

That kind of stuck with me.


The whole skin care industry's model is based on damaging the skin so that it’s forced to regenerate itself. Yes they may add products to promote healing, but it seems a contradiction to damage something to get it to heal. Sounds abusive to me.

If you have ever had a laser procedure, I am sure you were thrilled with the results. Instant gratification! You found that your skin ended up being nice and smooth and that your wrinkles had disappeared! 


But what is really happening is that the dermis has been damaged and the resulting swelling is what’s causing your skin to lose its wrinkles and to fill out.

As it heals the wrinkles will return, because the root cause that caused the wrinkles has not been addressed. Only the symptom has been treated. This is true of most of the procedures.

At the time it seemed to me that in order for my skin to look OK I had to do it more often.  

Most of my other work over the years have been holistic in nature, so I started looking online for a skincare company that was more in line with my background but that would still give me results beyond what is typically found in "organic facials with organic product".

Fortuitously, I came across Osmosis and began to read about Dr. Ben Johnson’s philosophy of “Do No Harm” and “Beauty Starts Within” which was a very different Paradigm, then what is being touted in the skincare industry in general. I decided to investigate.

I contacted a representative who came to see me, discussed the line and did a facial for me. I had already been studying the resources in detail, so I decided to start using only the Osmosis products on myself to see if it would make a difference.

The difference between Osmosis and industry is that the dermis is not damaged, Osmosis products and the patented deliver system feed the dermis to help it heal and regenerate. So in essence a "facial becomes a meal" and daily "home care products are the snacks"

I am someone who will never sell anyone anything that I will not use for myself. I spent eight months using the product before I started using it on customers and observed their results as well. I could no longer in good conscious continue to do my other skin care procedures, and began to only offer Osmosis Facials to clients. By this time, I was confident and thrilled with the results that I saw because I realized my skin was healing itself and I am just feeding it.

Now please understand, if you take someone who is seventy you are not going to turn them into a 50 year old, that’s an impossibility at least at the present time. But the quality of my skin has changed significantly in a very healthy natural way.  A fellow aesthetician who hadn’t seen me in a while remarked on how much my skin had changed. So I can say, I wholeheartedly recommend Osmosis, both the skincare products and the supporting wellness products. 

So if you start when you’re younger and do maintenance as well as get proper rest and healthy diet you won’t need to do as much as you would when you're older. And if you are older you'll find that young person in you again as your skin and health improves. There’s no reason not to have the best, healthiest skin of your life for your whole life no matter when you start.

And now you know My Story!

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