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500 Piermont Ave Piermont Prior Location for RiverView Wellness Center For Well Being before 2021

Wellness Center in Piermont, NY      

Whole Beauty


Riverview Wellness Center for Well Being in Piermont, NY, is all about healthy pleasures. From our results based Hydrafacial & BDR Advanced Facial Treatments, our Celluma Light Therapy, toning hydrating body peels & treatments, our detox programs, and classes to reduce stress and physical pain through the Feldenkrais method, Tibetan Bowl Healing Sound Therapy, Meditation, etc.  Our wellness center combines ancient, traditional and modern therapies and technology to restore balance and re-energize body, mind, and spirit, improving not only the quality of your skin but a sense of wellbeing and balance. What we call "Whole Body Beauty."

Life In Harmony


Our gifted therapists and aestheticians will help determine the appropriate treatments for you. From neuromuscular therapy to body rituals, Celluma Light Therapy, Sound Therapy, Health Coaching, Colon Hydrotherapy, Meditation, etc. Choose from a wonderful selection of services at our wellness center to calm and restore your body, mind, and soul for a whole beauty nourishment.


The Future Your Choice


Whether you want to relax with soothing spa treatments, develop healthier eating habits, or explore new spiritual paths, you can do it here. Riverview Wellness Center for Well Being is a unique very personalized experience. Our caring, expert staff is at your service to answer your questions, explain our programs and customize your visit.  Call or subscribe online to upcoming events & workshops at our wellness center, and find out about our personal packages based on your goals and needs.

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