Step 1

Our gentle peel with large molecule fruit acids dissolves the pigmented, dead skin cells on the surface.

Step 2

Mechanical exfoliation treatment - dermabrasion gradually removes unevenly pigmented skin.

Step 3

Patented pain-free micro-needling treatment accelerates cell renewal and growth of healthy, bright skin.

Step 4

Active ingredients in BDR cosmeceuticals inhibit melanin production and prevent further pigmentation of new cells

Step 5

Sublime-Hands Massage stimulates circulation ensuring maximum efficacy of the active ingredients in BDR cosmeceuticals.

Step 6

LED Light Therapy treatment accelerates healing and strengthens the skins barrier function to prevent further damage

BDR Hyperpigmentation treatment lasts appoximately 90 minutes. Please allow some time for the initial consulatation.

In order to achieve profound and lasting results it is important to treat the skin throughout the renewal cycle. Our skin renews itself every 28-40 days depending on age, therefore we suggest one treatment per week for 4-8 weeks supported by a prescribed home care protocol.

After a thorough skin consultation BDR skincare professional will prescribe a customised skincare program which will play an important role in your treatment plan and contribute to the overall efficacy.

Generally, you may be a little blushed right after, but it will not last long. It is recommended that you stay out of the sun and use sunscreen. Within 3 days you will see continued results.


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