A botanically based, customizable treatment leaves the skin hydrated, nourished and positively radiant. It begins with a gentle peel using glycolic and salicylic acids, which permeate through several layers of skin, eliminating dull or dead cells and revealing the newer, more youthful skin hidden beneath. The next step is customizable with two options to Contour or Firm the skin and supporting tissues. The first option is excellent for relieving water retention. The detoxifying botanicals encourage microcirculation, contouring the skin by encouraging the movement of excess water and the breakdown of lipids, while retaining the skin’s necessary hydration. The second option’s firming cream is paired with a professional-grade firming supplement. These botanicals stimulate cell regeneration and increase collagen production, lifting and firming the skin.


*Guests may experience sun sensitivity and should apply sunblock prior to any sun exposure after the treatment.


$165 / 50 Min 



An indulgent exfoliating treatment using botanical-based glycolic and salicylic acids that rids skin of impurities, while smoothing and softening the skin. Your therapist will apply an active exfoliating lotion to your body using a warm mitt; as it soaks in, it penetrates to your skin’s deepest level, removing dull surface skin cells to reveal the youthful skin beneath. Your rejuvenated skin is then treated to a full-body massage with an anti-aging balm rich in antioxidants. While you are lightly wrapped, your therapist will stimulate your scalp with an invigorating massage, then focus on your feet, thereby concluding the treatment. You’ll feel renewed and refreshed from head to toe.


*Guests may experience sun sensitivity and should apply sunblock prior to any sun exposure after the treatment.


$205 / 80 Min 



This relaxing Back Facial is a skin treatment which is formulated specifically for the back. Back facials utilize many of the techniques used in skin treatments for the face. lt begins with cleansing, followed by exfoliation, extractions if necessary, massaging, then a mask suitable for your skin type. It will leave a healthy, glow on your back and shoulders. Perfect for a black tie event where your back and arms will be exposed. For all skin types.


$100-$130 / 60-90 Min  (Extraction Additinal $30)


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